Are You a Baseball Writer?

Boston Jimmy here, and I have an important question to ask. “Are you a writer who loves all things baseball?” If the answer is “Yes, that’s me!” Well, then have I got an offer for you. Write for 21st Century Baseball! I am always on the rally for other people who have fresh perspectives, experiences, and are like-minded in the quality content they create.

A few questions first like: Can you write in English? Do you have any social media experience and or following?
The content you create must be 100% yours. We don’t like to rip other writers off.

By cross-promoting your site, you can possibly get more traffic and exposure, and it’s free! You love to write about baseball. I love to write about baseball. It’s an official win-win situation! Let’s get the party started and write to me so we can start chatting about how we can help each other in this sea of blogs and content.